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Release your limitations.

Rekindle your own flame. Learn how to light your fire, own your magic, and feel the freedom of turning your power all the way up.


You’ve tried all the diets, pills, and potions… but you still don’t love what you see in the mirror. You see others feeling effortlessly amazing, but all you feel is struggle and stress. If you just had the energy… things would change. And let’s be real: you’re on a fast track to burnout because you’re taking better care of everyone and everything else.


You’ve had this dragging you down for so long that you hardly recognize that face in the mirror.


Imagine-- what if you could finally learn PRECISELY how to have your most energized, clear, limitless days? Customized to YOU and your own needs. Foolproof. Streamlined. Finally. Successful.






Explore Courses:

The OG: Your Yellow Brick Road to Holistic Wellness, embodied! Learn how to find BALANCED wellness, stop going to extremes, and prioritize yourself in a new way with this sacred journey of self-discovery and supreme self-care. If you're sick of riding the rollercoaster of being "on the wellness wagon" for a few weeks-- only to "fall off" and spiral when you rebound... then this is for you! We'll dive deep into your subconscious beliefs and patterns, learn why you're sabotaging yourself, and how to easily avoid whatever pitfalls may be coming your way.


Over the course of 6 modules, you'll get to know yourself better than ever before... including the good, and the things that keep you from feeling good. Learn how to master your subconscious mind to create the lifestyle of your dreams, and learn to break up with whatever rules or pressures you've been carrying.


  • BONUS Expert Masterclasses included with guests and coaches on Human Design, FaceYoga, advanced NLP Techniques, and more
  • BONUS Complimentary 2-month membership to Embodiment® On Demand included
  • BONUS Good Mood Food™​ Course preview included

For many of us, wellness starts (and stops) with FOOD. One of the most powerful tools in the world to change our emotional and energetic state, your relationship with food is one complex entity. This course equips you with baseline Holistic Nutrition education PLUS mega mindset work so that you can reset and rewire your relationship with food, truly learning how to NOURISH yourself, once and for all. 


Whether you have food sensitivities (or suspect them) or just simply don't know what to do when it comes to nutrition, this 4-week course can guide you to a place of deep self-awareness. Learn how to outsmart yourself and make better decisions, while having more fun and feeling relaxed.


Choose your level of nutritional reset: from mindfulness to full-on elimination diet (ideal for someone experiencing adverse reactions to certain foods). Complete with literally hundreds of recipes, shopping lists, a pro tips on setting yourself up for success, Good Mood Food will open you up to a new world of possibilities in just a few short weeks.


Find understanding and FORGIVENESS if you're anything like me and have had a rocky road along this path. Mindset mastery tools make all the difference and provide long-lasting change and opportunity, with unparalleled speed!

WISHcraft® is all about next-level quantum manifestation magic... Why? Because once you start to feel the power of directing your own energy with my Embodiment™ methods... it becomes REALLY fun to do so with intention!


I've refined my process over my lifetime to an easy-to-replicate system that's brought me career opportunities and promotions a-plenty, cross-country moves, relationships, houses, specific cars, large sums of cash, impossible appointments, you name it. 


It's simple, and it gets to be so fun! Over the course of 6 modules and activities, you'll learn to master your magic, once and for all.

Your all-access practice pass, at your fingertips! Dive into the Embodiment® On Demand Video Vault to access meditations, Kundalini yoga sessions, EFT Tapping, Hypno audios, and of course, Lindsey's signature Embodiment® method classes anytime, anyplace.


Whether you're just starting out on your journey to Embodiment® or you're eager to maintain the tools you've learned in the courses above, On Demand keeps it fresh with content added monthly and seasonal live classes with Lindsey and Embodiment® Academy teachers.


Pick your practice and set the frequency for your day, whatever your flavor!

More than just Epigenetics... 

The Embodiment® Academy collection of courses and classes provides the groundwork for a radical journey to self-realization and reconnection to your highest potential, through learning how to activate your mind + body in a whole new way that's tailored to YOU.


Over the course of your journey, you’ll discover all the tools you need to change your life into one full of energy, vitality, and alignment.


Why is this important? BECAUSE Epigenetics is so much more than just an exercise plan and a sleep schedule. This field of science proves that the emotions your body holds impact your performance and longevity to a cellular level. Feeling confident in yourself, learning to trust yourself to make the best decisions (which often include fun and rest), and letting go of limitations all begins on the inside.

Here’s the Plan:


First you'll start with learning more about how you got to where you are... where you’ll begin to heal all the emotional {body} baggage that's been waiting for your attention.


You’ll work through old subconscious patterns and RECODE your DNA for your next level. No more shaming yourself or listening to that Loser Lingo.


You’ll learn how to start and close your days with energizing rituals that actually WORK, so that you can do more by doing less, once you’re truly ACTIVATED.


You'll discover how to become more CONSISTENT than ever before, by learning to be KIND to yourself along the way. THIS is how you create lasting change, and get off the self-care rollercoaster.


Using ALL the tools including NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), EFT Tapping, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, and so much more… These modalities are the gold standard in REWIRING your mind for success!


Then, once you start to see your true capacity, you’ll discover more clarity than ever before, so that you can go on to do what really matters… without any hesitation or confusion.



The mindset tools you'll master along the Embodiment® Academy journey will serve you indefinitely as you continue to evolve, expand, and uplevel.

Throughout this journey, you will reach a level of self-mastery that can dramatically change the course of your life.

You'll know exactly how to set yourself up for your best days, every day, down to a science.

Get ready to take a bite outta life!


Where should I begin?!

Do you offer payment plans?

Do your courses include Epigenetics testing?

What is your refund policy?

What are you waiting for?

There will never be enough time or money for CHOOSING YOU to feel easy.

That’s exactly why the time is NOW. The transformation begins the moment that

you SAY YES and agree that you’re worth it!



Let this be the time that changes your relationship with YOU.