Let’s be real. Diets don’t work.

You already know, because you’ve tried them all. Instead of searching for more miracle cures, start to look inside. Your mind+body connection holds all the keys to healing that you need. This time, you’ll learn to rewire your mind for FREEDOM.

Lose the rules and write your own. Learn what works for YOU, and actually ENJOY fueling your body with High-Frequency Foods.

Crack the code to YOUR body's unique needs, habits and behaviors. Rewire them for GOOD.

A Nutrition Course like None Other.

Inside Good Mood Food:

Reset your body. Rewire your brain.

In just one month...

  • You’ll learn which foods your body loves best for optimizing digestion, energy, and well… your mood! Then you’ll find your favorites and make it FUN.
  • You’ll crack the code on your specific emotional eating patterns, so that you can outsmart yourself, once and for all!
  • You’ll get to the very roots of your subconscious mind’s beliefs and habits, so that REAL healing can happen.
  • You'll be ready to integrate your own designer wellness approach using the power of your DNA through Epigenetics Testing (*with optional upgrade)



Reset and Rewire.

RESET your hunger hormones, sugar cravings, mood swings, taste buds, digestion, and more. BREAK UP with sabotaging patterns, addictive foods, and the whole world of wellness trends that don’t work for you. Heal your relationship with food, so your body can THRIVE while you go on to focus on so many more important things!


Good Mood Food™ is designed as a 21-day nutritional reset, followed by mindful reintroduction… all while you rewire your mind and your relationship with food. You’ll get all the support you need with sample meal plans, grocery lists, and unlimited support from Lindsey in the private coaching app. You’ll even get an exclusive Embodiment™️ meditation practice to see you through.


Over the course of one month, while awaiting your Epigenetics test results, you’ll unlock 4 modules:






Optional: Upgrade to Epigenetics Coaching for the ultimate integration.


Approximately 4-6 weeks from your order date, you'll schedule your 1:1 Custom Epigenetics Coaching session with Lindsey, where you'll meet via Zoom video for a walk through your customized data and wellness plan.


You'll learn exactly how to optimize Nutrition, Supplementation, Detoxification, Exercise, and Sleep, for the most streamlined, effective approach you've ever taken. FINALLY-- this works!   LEARN MORE

You’ll have access to all course materials, including seasonal meal plan updates for life!

Revisit this roadmap any time you need a refresher.

Continue with your Designer Genes Wellness Plan forever!


Client Testimonials

Good Mood Food is the only program that has helped me develop trust in myself around food to build a healthy relationship with food.  It’s a mindset reset. A lot of programs lack the mind and spirit connection to food and this delivered on that need.  I love that holistic approach. It feels good being able to be okay with seeing unhealthy choices as a moment and not be afraid that it will trigger or derail me. I’ve felt in my body the impact that some food choices can have on me. It really digs deep, provokes thinking and stirs things up to help break up negative patterns that are related to food.

Katrina F.

I loved this program so much. It changed my perspective on how I eat! It’s not just eating better but it’s also rewiring your brain, amazing!


I think it’s helped me become more mindful, more calm even through the meditation practice. Whenever I do it I feel so good.


I’ve learned to appreciate my body AND lost close to 9 pounds! I believe in this program so much - it helped me greatly in how I approach food, how I eat and appreciating my body more.


Sally N.

So much amazing information with this course that I will continue to use for the rest of my life!


I’m not snacking out of boredom/late nights-even if the snacks are GFM approved also feeling relaxed about treating myself from time to time. Also have less bloating and more energy!


It’s kind of like getting a much needed tune up-- But better!


Everything starts to function properly and with ease.



Kait M.


This is about more than just food.

Food is a vehicle that fuels our human body, but it’s so deeply connected to our mind and soul. It's essential that we work with BOTH, at the same time. Check out this Sneak Peek from inside the Good Mood Food™️ Course:

  • It’s time to reclaim your power.

  • Imagine if you could have back every dollar, every disappointment, and every wasted trip to the grocery store. Enough is enough!

  • Are you ready to drop the diet struggle and learn how to find Functional Food Freedom forever?


Consider Epigenetics Coaching.

Private coaching changes the game. Get personalized VIP attention from advanced-Certified Epigenetics Human Potential Coach and 2x Holistic Nutritionist, Lindsey Lekhraj.